Hey everybody, I'm Dottie Dot the clown! Clowns have a wonderful job, that job is to spread joy and happiness all over this great big world...it's what makes us tick, or is that ticklish? To put on smiles and make roars of laughter erupt from our audiences, small or larger, it doesn't matter, but the joy you feel when a clown is near is my mission.


2013 September spent 1 week at The Howard County Fair as an impromptu Clown. Dottie Dot greeted everyone with a variety of skits, funny jokes, silly handshakes and storytelling.

2013 August 1-7: International Clown Week is the first week in August every year.  It’s about clowns giving back to their communities.  This year Dottie Dot volunteered at:  Gaithersburg Senior Center, Gaithersburg Water Park, Seneca Heights Apartments, St. Anne’s Infant & Maternity Home, and Potomac Valley Nursing Home. During every year Alley #6 participates in the national night out in different communities in Montgomery County, MD.  The Sunday of International Clown Week is celebrated by a church service and a blessing of the Clowns.

2013: 1 week in Richmond: Attended COAI. Dottie Dot got to brush up on her skills, learned some new ones and participated in some clown competitions.

2012: Dottie Dot was chosen as Kapitol Klowns Clown of the Year and was appointed International Ambassador. As International Ambassador Dottie Dot traveled to Mexico, toward spreading the joy of clowning; which it turns out is an international language! By helping people show merriment, it gives people of any country a reason to smile which can transform into new friendships. Dottie Dot performed random acts of kindness as she officially represented C.O.A.I. in her travels. She shared smiles, history and tradition of clowning by performing many different acts.


Dottie Dot launched her clowning career to sustain her connection with children. Dottie Dot enjoys her own children so much that she aspired to communicate her love of children with oodles of people. Her goal as a clown is to help children feel good about themselves. Dottie Dot encourages children to participate in an assortment of activities. She is dedicated to bringing smiles and laughter to her community.
Dottie Dot started her clowning career in 2008 when she joined Kapitol Klown’s.  Kapitol Klown’s is a 43 year old organization, Alley #6 and is the second oldest Clown Alley, or Club for Clowns. From 2008-2010 she was considered an apprentice.  In 2010 Dottie Dot became a professional Clown, participating in such events as ; The Cherry Blossom Parade and St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Washington, D.C., The Thanksgiving Day Parade in Silver Spring, Maryland and various other parades and fairs in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Dottie Dot is affiliated with:
Clowns of America International
Kapitol Klowns, Alley #6
World Clown Association
Circus World


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